In 2002, we began managing assets at a financial institution with headquarters in Lisbon. Their business model was based on brokerage fees which means that, for this company, the more daily operations the better. We all know that most of the time the client loses money.

The financial industry has based its business model on fees and commissions, lost its fiduciary duty and "forgot" that the owner of the money should be its greatest beneficiary. 

In order to have the freedom to do what we believe in, to do the "right thing" and act in the best interest of the Client, we had to create our own company, Casa de Investimentos - Asset Manager, independent of all intitutions or financial groups, whose shareholders are we, the managers. We invest our money together with that of our Clients. Our success is linked to the success and value we create for our Clients. The interests of our Clients and Casa de Investimentos' are aligned.

This is the only way that a long term relationship of trust can be established. Thsi is the only way for this relationship to be fair and fruitful for both parties.

Our goal is to conquer the trust of our Clients and help them achieve a safer and peaceful financial future.

We chose, therefore, to act as true guardians of the values and interests of our Clients.


  • 2006
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  • 2010
  • November

    Fully aware of the enormous difficulty of building a good name from scratch, we began management in the aftermath of the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

  • 2012

    With the goal of enlightening investors, we translated "The Little Book of Value Investing" by Christopher H. Browne. In this book, the philosofy of Value Investing is explained in a simple yet profound way.

  • July

    In this essay, Emília Vieira discusses the behavioral biases that prevent human beings from taking the best investment decisions and from acting in their best interest. Emília explains how we can overcome these limitations and in what way Value Investing allows us to create a behavior model that shields us from irrational behaviors and helps us to make better investment decisions.

    Read the essay Behavioral Finance

  • September

    Event organized by Science and Technology School of Nova University in Lisbon.

  • 2013

    The site SumZero, with more than 8 thousand registered analysts, has distinguished Hugo Roque as one of the top three analysts in the world.

    Read the report at Wall Street Journal.

  • April

    Read the interview: "Um analista de Braga na alta roda"

  • September

    This article shows Casa de Investimentos to be the asset mananger with best returns in Portugal and emphasizes Casa de Investimentos' clarity of communication with its clients.

  • December
  • 2014
  • 2015

    We moved into new headquarters so that Casa de Investimentos is able to better receive its clients. The new House allows a larger and more motivated team to perform even better.

  • 2016

Over the last six years, we have maintained an assiduous presence in the press, with interviews and opinion pieces - first in Jornal i and, since 2012, in Vida Económica. More recently, we have written opinion pieces for "Executive Digest", the portuguese edition of "Forbes" magazine and "Expresso", Portugal´s most prestigious weekly newspaper.

The purpose of these articles is to make knowledge more accessible in a field where so many have fallen victim to the greed of financial institutions, the conspicuous absence of fiduciary duty and the inability of the world regulators to prevent these abusive behaviors and the transfer of wealth from the many to the few.

The lack of knowledge and the so human propensity to let emotions run wild motivate us to continue writing. We believe that we can add value and help investors make more informed decisions so that they can protect their futures and their families'.